modular :: BOSS [vintage]

4 input stereo mixer

One BOSS to rule them all - modular mixer for building a stereo soundscape out of your modular sounds.

Plug in four mono sound sources from other modules or external devices, trim or boost and distribute them in the stereo panorama.

This mixer provides a total of quadruple gain across itself when fully open.
The power suplied for this device gives a lot of headroom, while the NE5532 op-amp chips per channel ashures a high quality processing.

This is a vintage style module with the looks resembling the old Moog modular.
I still work on the engraved description layout for it is now plain black.
For the curious ones, from the bottom up we have: the stereo outputs, mono inputs, gain knobs, panorama, leds and the MASTER volume.

Features [ show / hide ]

  • 4 mono inputs - 1/4" TS JACK sockets
  • GAIN knob for each channel
  • PANorama knob for each channel
  • PEAK diode for each channel with internally adjustable threshold level
  • big MASTER knob for stereo output control
  • 2 outputs (left and right) - 1/4" TS JACK sockets
  • width: 2M