devices :: Optoparalakser

Top notch, black engraved, solid aluminium box with clasical look.
A video performance sequencer for live video camera switching by controlling a video mixer via MIDI.

This arduino based device is pre-programed with MIDI commands for 8-channel Edirol VJ mixer and brings the capability of automated switching the 8 input sources to achieve a depth feeling in the VJ performance.

Made for Monsieur Zupika a.k.a. Wet Dick Junior (from Dick4Dick)

Features [ show / hide ]

  • selectable camera on STOP
  • selectable START and END points (cameras) while running
  • TEMPO knob
  • FORWARD, BACK or PENDULUM direction switch
  • RUN/STOP switch
  • MIDI OUT - output to the VJ mixer
  • MIDI IN - optional sync input

OPTOPARALAKSER from Monsieur Zupika on Vimeo.