modular :: SEQ-8 [#1]

8+8 step sequencer

SEQ-8 is a basic GATE + CV sequencer with it's own clock.

It can work in two modes:
2 lines up to 8 steps with separate GATEs and CVs (GATE/CV A and B)
1 line up to 16 steps with GATE and CV (same GATE signals on both GATE outs and same CV on both CV outs)

Every gate switch has 3 positions: up - GATE on, center - GATE off and down - RESET.
This make it possible to reset the sequence in every point making it of any length from 1 to 8 or to 16 steps.

Features [ show / hide ]

  • 2 up to 8 steps separatelly resetable sequencers
  • 2x8 or 1x16 steps
  • 2 GATE out (5V) with variable duration
  • 2 CV out (0-5V)
  • TIME (+ in/out)
  • external RESET (STOP) in
  • manual RESET buttons (working separatly for two lines in 2x8steps mode
  • width: 4M (~8inch / 20cm)