devices :: Touch Delay (box)

The Touch Delay is a stomp box echo effect like no other.
By introducing the TOUCH momentary switch we added extra dynamics as you can creatively use it time.

The ON/OFF (bistable) and TOUCH (momentary) buttons lets you enable the input into the echo process section at your will; while the trails of formerly entered sounds will stay on decaying regardless of TOUCH or ON/OFF switches.

The FB LOOP socket is an insert on the delay's feedback loop wich lets you plug in any external effect into the echo passing every repetition of the sound thru the inserted device.
You can also use the FB LOOP insert to cross-feedback two Touch Delays to obtain aa ping-pong delay effect.

And there is the GATE socket.
There are two ways to set up this socket. The default one in a stomp-box would be the S-Gate, which works by shortening the sockets pulled high voltage to ground and therefore changeing it to low-state (0V/GND).
In this mode the socket can either work as input, where an external pedal or other source provides the low-state "to-ground" shortening; or as an output, where the Touch Delay it self provides such signal from the TOUCH and ON/OFF switches.
In this mode you can connect two devices with one mono cable GATE to GATE and control them from one.

by K'sadhu

Features [ show / hide ]

  • IN knob - input gain ( x0 - x5 // from -&inf; db to +14 db )
  • TIME knob - delay time / echo rate control (est.: 20 - 1200 ms)
  • FEEDBACK knob - delay feedback / echo repeat control
  • MIX knob - dry/wet / echo amount control
  • ON/OFF (bistable) switch - enabling/disabling echo input
  • TOUCH - momentary control of echo input
  • IN - stereo 1/4" (6,3mm) TRS jack audio input
  • OUT - mono 1/4" (6,3mm) TS jack audio output
  • GATE - mono 1/4" (6,3mm) TS jack V-gate logic input or S-gate input/output
  • FB LOOP - stereo 1/4" (6,3mm) TRS jack audio insert on feedback loop (Tip - send/Ring - return)
  • LED - state indicator
  • PWR socket - 9V-12V, any polarity (+/-, -/+, ~/~)
  • can be battery operated