Homemade Devices

Here are audio devices from my home lab. Some are strictly unique and some can be build in quantities.
Here they are in few basic categories:

StandAlone Devices

Synthesizers, Sequencers & Utilities

  • Touch Delay - momentary controlled delay with feedback loop insert in a box
  • Korg Volcas (modded) - modifications of Korg Volca Beats and Volca Bass
  • Analog Rythm Synthesizer  for House
  • Kappa2 (modded) - modifications of an 8 step mini sequencer from Dreadbox
  • Optoparalakser - 8 step midi sequencer designed for live video camera switching by controlling a video performance mixer
  • Spliter Pre-Amp - STEREO to 7.1 spliter and pre-amplifier
  • ACTG - analog synth controller with CV and GATE outputs
  • K'mono prototype - Korg monotron dock station and hack
  • Time Maszine - arduino MIDI-ANALOG clock interface
  • Utility-1 - utility unit with PSU, envelope generator, VCF and mini mixer
  • 10 Step Sequencer - heavy duty sequencer
  • Nano 8 prototype - compact 8 step sequencer
  • Silver Tube - light sensitive drone lab in sturdy aluminium casing
  • 0.1 - simple, single-voice, passive (GATE powered) drum with CV tone control
  • Red Tube - light sensitive drone lab prototype
  • K'nanopad++ - analog input to your DAW
  • Cricket - simple square wave generator
  • Matrix - 4-in 4-out passive mixing matrix
  • Led Flood - regulated warm/cold white LED food lamp for photo shooting.
  • The Pink Thing 2 - an error based mini synth, mark II
  • Yellow - simple 3 oscilators drone synth with XOR modulation
  • The Red - simple 3 oscilators base synth
  • The Black (Photosynthesys) - light sensitive synthesizer with aux input for external audio destruction
  • The Pink Thing - an error based mini synth

U1 19" rack series

  • U1 WaveGiver - stereo audio send unit with phono and line inputs, 4 outputs per left and right channel and additional mono sumed output


If you are looking for the modules - check out the Modular page.