Homemade Modular 4U

The HomemadeModular is modular audio synthesis and process system designed to be fully castomizable set of basic building blocks that are studio level audio signal compatible for easy integration with any device around and also to be fun, playable and good lookin'.

Most of the modules are DIY devices of my own design; some are circuitbent/moded commercially available stuff.
The circuitry is fitted in transparent chassis with hand painted or laser engraved front panels of various materials.

The system's form is based on a 2 inches wide and 7 inches high unit (1M) which is the basic size of a module and is multiplied to get bigger devices.

A device can be either stand-alone or framed in a designed cabinet or in a 4U 19"rack-pack, 8 units a row.

The main plug standard is mono 6,3mm (1/4") TS JACK "phone plug".

The signal levels are standard to most devices. Unlike many modular systems, the HomemadeModular works with low signal levels which provides the possibility to plug any device into the modular system any place you like.

The system is still in development and I am working on more and more modules testing things and having a lot of fun.


  • K'mono
    Korg monotron based mini synthesizer
    width: 2 M (~4 inch/10 cm)
  • SEQ-8
    8+8 step sequencer
    width: 4 M (~8 inch/20 cm)
  • GLID
    dual slew limiter
    width: 1 M (~2 inch/5 cm)
  • BOSS
    quad mono input to stereo output mixer
    width: 2 M (~4 inch/10 cm)
  • NASH
    Noise And Sample&Hold
    width: 1 M (~2 inch/5 cm)
  • TONE
    guitar/bass tonestack circuit with HI/LO-Z input and 3 Fender/Marshal response types
    width: 1 M (~2 inch/5 cm)